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Sucesores de Blas Palomares was established in 1911, then, in the first half of the 20th Century, “La Llave” was registered, which is now the company’s most emblematic brand.

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🔥Cayenne Chilli Pepper is often used as a condiment, since it goes perfectly with both meat and fish. 🥵What’s more, it’s especially used to make spicy sauces, with tabasco being one of the most popular and spicy options on the market. 💥When used sparingly, chillies improve the flavour of many dishes and add that spark we’re often after. 🍝Use them to season baby eels cooked in oil, and to take it a step further… Add them to a bowl of al dente spaghetti! 🤏Remember to use them sparingly, since too much might make your dinner guests start to sweat and be in need of a big glass of milk. #AzafranesLaLlave #chilli #eels

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