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Sucesores de Blas Palomares was established in 1911, then, in the first half of the 20th Century, “La Llave” was registered, which is now the company’s most emblematic brand.

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A world of spices

Arab cuisine


Indian cuisine


Mediterranean cuisine


American cuisine


Asian cuisine



Derived from the ñora pepper, paprika has become one of the essential ingredients in any cuisine. At Azafranes La Llave you can find sweet, smoky, hot, or crushed versions.


At Llave, we create unique seasonings through which you can travel to any cuisine in the world, ranging from paella and tex-mex seasonings to all our other specialities we offer for Arabic recipes.


Saffron is also known as “red gold”. At Azafranes La Llave, we offer it both ground and in threads. Allow it to blow you away through sight, smell and taste all at the same time.

Spice of the month: Ginger

As a spice, ginger is available as a root or ground. This ingredient has become popular all around the world thanks to its intense and characteristic aroma and flavour. What’s more, ginger provides several nutritional properties, such as vitamins, as well as multiple health benefits. For example, it can fight against inflammation, it helps speed up the metabolism, and it fights against illnesses such as those that affect the respiratory tract.

When using it in the kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind that it is more concentrated when ground, meaning that you should use a smaller amount. It can be added to multiple dishes. Gingerbread biscuits, for example, are one of the most well-known recipes around the world in winter time. Try adding a pinch of ground ginger to any of our teas to enjoy its multiple benefits.

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